Fortifying your website against hackers

Keep your website safe from hackers is paramount. The Internet is, at best, a very insecure way to exchange information. The security team at Zott has trained vision to distinguish security threats to your website, and will act quickly to eliminate them.

Encryption is one way to protect and transfer data. Depending on the client's budget, we have several SSL solutions to protect all forms (login, contact, data entry, etc), as well as encrypted connection to the e-mail server. The contact forms also feature the popular Captcha, which, although not very practical, protects excellently against spam.

We will take all the necessary precautions to make extremely difficult to obtain malicious access to your site and your data. And if the unlikely happens, we will have recent backups and restoration protocols ready, and staff for immediate action. We will then seek the method used to infiltrate and eliminate the vulnerability.

With our advanced monitoring system, your site is verified each minute, and any unauthorized access attempts are detected and blocked long before they succeed.

The access to the administrative area are protected by advanced security schemes, multiple authentication (Google Authenticator security token for Android, iOS and Windows Phone), among others.

Easy to understand tutorials provide a method for composing secure passwords with easy memorization. Some of our customers, after applying our techniques, say it is impossible to forget your passwords (even containing 20 characters or more).

Eliminate your worries about the security of your website.

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